Wheels & Tyres

Mullins Trailer Parts has quality, load rated CSA Alloy Wheels & load rated CSA Steels suitable for any trailer application. The Mullins Trailer Parts wheel range is available in many great styles and specifications, including all common trailer axle & hub bolt patterns, including HT 5/108, Ford 5/114.3, HQ 5/120.6, Landcruiser 5/150 and Landcruiser 6/139.7 CSA Alloys wheel sizes range from 15x6.5" up to 18x8" sizes. CSA steel wheel sizes extend from 13x4.5" up to 17x8".

Mullins Trailer Parts also supplies LT load rated trailer tyres to suit any application, with options to suit from 4" wide up to 8" wide wheel fitments.

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