Electric Brake Sets

Mullins Trailer Parts can supply new or replacement electric brake sets or brake components to suit your specific trailer application & load carrying capacity.

Mullins electric brake kits are supplied complete with backing plates & hub drums or disc brake calipers & disc rotors, anchor plates, bolts & nuts, bearings, oil seals, end caps & magnets.

If you require a complete axle assembly fitted with electric brakes - Click on Axles Assemblies on the main menu bar.

Select your Electric Brake Set
The braking capacity per axle is determined by the brake type & size. Replacement brakes must match your current brake type, axle type & bearing journal size. When fitting new brakes, they must have sufficient braking capacity relevant to the Gross Towing Mass (GTM) of your trailer. Refer to our Load & Braking Capacity Chart under the Technical Support Menu.

A - Type
up to 1,000kg
B - Type
up to 1,400kg
B - Parallel
up to 1,600kg
D - Type
up to 2,500kg
E - Type
up to 3,500kg
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