Complete Hubs

Mullins Trailer Parts can supply axle hubs to suit all common wheel bolt patterns, load carrying capacities. Black or Zinc finish options are available. Mullins axle hubs are supplied boxed, complete with bearings, wheel nuts, wheel studs, oil seals & grease caps. Replacement hub components are also available.

If you require a complete axle assembly fitted with hubs -Click on Axles Assemblies in the main menu

Select your Hub Type
Your Hub type must match your axle load capacity. The load capacity of your axle and hub must exceed the Gross Towing Mass (GTM) of your fully loaded trailer.

A - Type
up to 1,000kg
B - Type
up to 1,400kg
B - Parallel
up to 1,600kg
D - Type
up to 2,500kg
E - Type
up to 3,500kg
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